What's in a Name? The KINBUILT Wordmark Design

I often get asked "Why the name KINBUILT?" As a designer, there's always a story that begins with teeth extraction and leads to an eventual submission, then acceptance. 

The creative process of how KINBUILT was born is generally how I go about naming anything from products, brands and even our children ;)

Early on, the words "Kith", "Kid" and "Kin" were all shortlisted as I wanted a name that expresses our product focus, but also allows for evolution beyond baby, or newborn accessories. "Kin" is a broader, more inclusive noun having roots in ancestry and tribes. I love this narrative, but it needed a sibling...an action-oriented word.

Some factors that shaped the final design decision:

  • Too many baby brands with an "&" or "And" combining 2 words, or names.
  • Must be short and emotional to capture attention and spur investigation.
  • Convey the brand ethos to a diverse global audience simply, graphically.
  • Express brand's aspirational qualities: confidence, modernity, ruggedness.
  • Overt pandering to baby/female imagery and logos is too expected.
  • Easily reproduced in black, or white versions on labels, website, print, etc.

Earlier iterations exploring notions of construction and play:

  1. First - 90's hip-hop reference became too limiting.
  2. Middle - Inspired by Popsicle sticks but lacked excitement.
  3. Last - Origami and folded letters felt over designed.

These 2 short words combined, do a lot to encompass our purpose. We are about family and continuous growth, striving to improve upon the last version.


noun - 1. ones family and relations


verb - 1. constructed parts together over time.

KINBUILT Logo Exploration

"Strength and confidence rooted within an architectural structure"

The final KINBUILT mark expresses our design ethos with minimalism and clarity.

Notice that the letter 'n" in KIN is lowercase while the other letters are capitalized. This symbolizes a smaller child flanked on both sides by a "adult" letters signifying family while the rectangular surround offers shelter and protection like a house.



Toys Applying STEM Principles To Inspire Children

As an industrial designer dad and tinkerer, I actively seek to introduce big ideas to my son Enzo at an early age. I remember playing with Lincoln Logs, Construx, and of course — LEGOs — and was inspired by architecture, physics, and engineering long before I knew it would be useful. These Science, Technology, Math, Engineering (STEM) concepts are important for new learners, and I’m recognizing how Enzo’s curiosity leads him to explore how things work. Here’s a short list of great products we’ve both tested and still play with together.

The Hoberman Sphere

The Hoberman Sphere shows how structures can collapse and expand in amazing scale. You can see how the mechanical and architectural skeleton relates to buildings like the Epcot Center, and molecules like a “bucky ball”. These have gotten a lot of use and stood the test of time even with all the moving parts! The Hoberman Sphere ($34.99)

Magformers Rainbow Magnetic Construction Set

Simple in form, Magformers are popular magnetic toys that offer tons of opportunities for kids to create and discover. This toy is great because I can toss it into my KINBUILT bag and whip them out to keep Enzo busy. They come in different shape kits and sizes, and the pieces are large enough so you won’t easily lose them. Magformers are a bit pricey (I found a 14-piece set for $24.99 and it goes up from there) but can teach your child about magnetic attraction, construction and geometry. Magformers 14-piece set ($24.99)

Mindware Marble Run

I’m nostalgic about this toy as I remember playing with an earlier version when I was little. The modern version of Marble Run introduces kinetic motion, speed, gravity and many other principles related to space and astronomy. This is a classic toy, and the combinations and interaction between the marble and the obstacles are endless. Unfortunately, you will for sure be digging marbles out from behind the couch and refrigerator but that’s a small sacrifice for the awe and joy you witness when your little ones play with this toy. Marble Run Extreme Set ($59.99)

Are there any STEM toys that you and your kids love? Leave us a comment!


The KINBUILT Diaper Bag Keeps You Organized

When I set out to redesign the diaper bag I knew one thing from my product design experience had to remain the focal point for the KINBUILT bag: Simplicity.

As a parent I recognized quickly that accessibility and organization was a major issue that needed to be solved, so I turned to the classic doctor bag and carpenter bag as the foundation for KINBUILT’s structure.

The rectangular compartment introduces form and structure to our design ensuring the bag stays open while keeping its contents — whether it’s baby wipes, a pacifier, or food storage — easily accessible for our hectic lifestyles.

That is what the KINBUILT bag is: a smart space-saver that lets you pack items for both baby and parent while avoiding clutter. Take a look at our video for what fits inside the bag! 

-   Derek Silverio | Founder | KINBUILT