The KINBUILT Diaper Bag Keeps You Organized

When I set out to redesign the diaper bag I knew one thing from my product design experience had to remain the focal point for the KINBUILT bag: Simplicity.

As a parent I recognized quickly that accessibility and organization was a major issue that needed to be solved, so I turned to the classic doctor bag and carpenter bag as the foundation for KINBUILT’s structure.

The rectangular compartment introduces form and structure to our design ensuring the bag stays open while keeping its contents — whether it’s baby wipes, a pacifier, or food storage — easily accessible for our hectic lifestyles.

That is what the KINBUILT bag is: a smart space-saver that lets you pack items for both baby and parent while avoiding clutter. Take a look at our video for what fits inside the bag! 

-   Derek Silverio | Founder | KINBUILT