(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Can I send a gift message with my order?

A: Yes you can! At checkout, an option will appear (usually at step 3) to send a gift message.

Please enter the recipient name and message. We will personally hand write your message on this 4" X 5.5" postcard shown here for FREE :)

This card will be the first item the recipient sees as he/she opens the box and the invoice/price will NOT be included. Please limit to 150 characters.

KINBUILT Gift-Card Front
KINBUILT Gift-Card Back

Q: How rugged, or resilient is the waterproof bottom?

A: It is very rugged and can, with average use, tackle most rough surfaces like concrete, dirt, sand and muddy, or wet outdoor areas like grass. Constant scraping, or dragging of the bottom surface could result in noticeable scratches, or gouges like any other bag. This rubber like layer of protection is an outer "armor" over an existing Nylon shell. So, any puncture of this surface would be highly unlikely.


Q: How do you clean soiled or dirty areas on, or inside the KINBUILT Diaper Bag?

A: All bags have wipe clean interior and exterior fabrics, or materials. Use a wet cloth, or nontoxic wipe to clean the affected areas.


Q: Can you put the KINBUILT Diaper Bag in the washing, or drying machine?

A: NO, do NOT put the diaper bag in ANY washing, OR drying machine as it could cause damage to the structured frame and void the warranty.


Q: Can you put the included changing mat in the washing machine?

A: YES you can put this in any washing machine. We recommend washing the changing mat on a delicate, cold cycle. If possible, place inside a netted washer bag so as not to damage the logo during wash.


Q: Can you put the included straps, or shoulder pad in the washing machine?

A: YES, but we highly recommend you hand wash, or rinse any straps only when necessary. If needed, follow the same steps with the changing mat above for temperature and care settings.


Q: Can you put KINBUILT Diaper Bag, or any of the included accessories in the dryer machine?

A: NO, do NOT put the diaper bag, or ANY items in a dryer machine as it could cause damage to the items. Please hang dry, or leave the items to dry themselves with time if they become wet, or you have washed/cleaned them separately.




Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive and what is your shipping policy?

A: Please see our shipping F.A.Q. HERE